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Answers to frequently asked questions

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It is always important to make the best impression you can to the judge, their staff and the prosecution.  Be early or on time.  Dress appropriately for court. This means no shorts, tank tops, revealing clothes, flip flops or t-shirts with inappropriate slogans. Do not bring your children to court.  Be respectful and patient.

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You will enter the building through a metal detector. You may be asked to submit to a urinalysis. Cooperate with the court. Do not attempt to dilute your urine sample as many judges consider a dilute the same as a positive. 
You will wait on a bench with others who are charged with crimes until your lawyer speaks with the prosecutor. Most cases are reset several times to receive and review evidence. You will be required to go to court, but may not do more than sign a reset form.



Plea agreement negotiations can be difficult and complicated, which is why it’s crucial to have a qualified lawyer to represent you.  Both legal and equitable matters are discussed during the process. If a proper plea agreement cannot be negotiated, your case will be set on a trial docket.  Your case will be reset until it rises to the top of the cases on the trial docket. The wheels of justice move slowly.